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In our busy lives, remembering to take the time to relax and breathe effectively can be a challenge but is essential to living a healthier life, mentally, physically and spiritually.


At om:gom we design and produce unique, handmade portable meditation tablets, meditation tables and art. Our products are designed to aid you in your relaxation, your meditation practice, your spiritual journey. We offer a physical and visual aid as a reminder to breathe, relax, be.


It is also our aim to help spread the word about the incredible benefits of meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing, relaxation and ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. We are passionate about encouraging and helping children and adults learn to breathe effectively to lower stress and anxiety and to have a greater sense of well-being.


This site contains practical tips, breathing techniques, ways to combat stress/anxiety, free recordings and lots of other information. Whether you are spiritual or not, meditate or not, practice mindfulness or are interested in learning to use your breath effectively to combat stress/anxiety/worry there will be something here for you.

Our message is simple – breathe, relax, be.




"If every eight year old in the world is

taught meditation, we will eliminate

violence within one generation"

                                            Dalai Lama

£5 from the sale of every 'Junior Relax Tablet'

is donated to a Children's Charity*


*Discounted or sale items will have a percentage of profits donated which may not equal the £5 donated for a full price item.

om: the sound of the universe

gom: Tibetan for meditation



"Making these products ourselves is incredibly important to us. As a small family business we get to put our time, energy and love into each piece.


Our hand crafted approach ensures a high quality finish and a product we are proud of"

Teresa & David Beswick


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