om:gom is the creation of Teresa Beswick. Husband, David, is on hand to help make the product concepts a reality.

Here is the story of how and why it all began.

The story so far...


After leaving London in 2008 and re-locating to Bradford on Avon (just outside of Bath) I decided to re-train to become a hypnotherapist.  I’d come from a creative background in the photography industry but was desperate for a change, I’d had some health issues and was ready for a quieter life.


I’d read an articIe about hypnotherapy being effective in helping cancer patients and was totally intrigued about the power of the mind and how it can have such an incredible impact on the body. So after more research and a change of career decided upon,  the decision was made and we re-located to the South West.

Fast forward 9 years and I have a busy private hypnotherapy practice, I am the founder of The Bath Hypnobirthing Centre & Easistopsmoking, om:gom and Creative Director of our family furniture business Scout & Boo (I like designing stuff too!)


Over the last three years the age of my clients has been getting younger and younger and I’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of teenagers that I am seeing.  Stress, anxiety, self harm, eating disorders amongst other issues present themselves regularly. It’s heartbreaking that young children have such difficult issues to contend with. I’m currently studying a specialist course in Paediatric Hypnotherapy to help with the younger children that I am getting calls about.

My first go to technique for all clients is diaphragmatic breathing.  This form of mindful breathing is incredibly effective in helping teenagers and adults control any anxious feelings and gives them a sense of control back when emotions can seem so out of control.  By helping them learn how to  work with and alleviate their own uncomfortable emotions it helps them feel more confident, more empowered and ultimately they realise that they can utilise their breath to make life that bit easier.  Of course I use other therapeutic techniques but effective breathing switches on our parasympathetic system which is our relaxation. For me it’s the quickest and most efficient way to help alleviate anxiety/stress and worry.

It’s impossible to be anxious and relaxed at the same time! Breathing slowly and effectively switches on that relaxation.

For the past few years I have been thinking about how I can help spread the message of effective breathing/meditation to a much  wider audience (children especially). Luckily Mindfulness has gained popularity and there are many people now becoming more interested in it's benefits. Thankfully it is no longer seen as just for us hippy folk ( I say that with jest obvs)

In 2016 my husband David  built me a meditation table for my birthday. A beautiful, wooden table with an image of Ganesh printed onto the base.  This made my meditation  time so much easier and  enjoyable. I had a dedicated space to go to, it was a beautiful and calming  visual reminder to sit down even for a few minutes each day to just breathe and be.   I started practicing more regularly, it became easier, it became a habit.

Hang in there,  I’m getting there I promise! 

It was during a meditation in July 2017 that the idea for om:gom was born.  I realised I could utilise our woodworking skills and design processes from our furniture business and integrate it with my therapy business to offer smaller, more affordable and portable versions of meditation tables.Not everyone has the space, finances or want for a larger meditation table so our om:gom tablet was designed, made and became a reality!

This way I could  help spread the word  of the wonderful benefits of effective breathing to a worldwide audience, offer information on  different breathing techniques, techniques to deal with anxiety, stress and worry, offer free relaxation recordings (they are coming soon I promise!) and a whole host of info to help children, teens, adults regardless of if they are on a  spiritual path or not.

As far as I am aware we are totally unique in our design process along with the inclusion of the affirmation cards & sacred geometry symbols.  We like good design and wanted to offer something a bit different to the norm. 

So, to present day March 2018.  As I finish this off we are ready to launch.. there is a huge amount of work to do still but I see this as an ongoing organic project.   The blog has yet to be started, I get to be really self indulgent and am planning blog posts on all things I am interested and  passionate about. Upcoming posts will cover well being, relaxation techniques, shamanic practices, all things healing,  Divine Feminine meditations, Chakra healing as well as  showcasing amazing people around the world who  are on their journey/path of spreading their message.

Before you go and have a look around I wanted to add the following:

I am incredibly passionate about spreading the word of being, breathing, relaxing – really taking time out, I am however not the most talented writer. The language is simple, likely grammatically incorrect at times and possibly even a few typo’s. I’m working on it.

You may disagree with some of my content. There is such a huge wealth of knowledge out there and many interpretations of techniques etc.. It is my intention that the content be accessible to all regardless of religious belief, spiritual path or other belief systems/lifestyle choices.

I make mistakes too.. I am imperfect but passionate. If you think I’ve made a mistake with content I am happy to hear positive suggestions – email breathe@om-gom.com

© om:gom 2018