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How to use your tablet - Ideas for teenagers & parents

For Older Children & Teenagers

There really is no right or wrong way to use your meditation tablet.  Below are some ideas which you may find helpful, some others may not interest you. That's fine. Make it work for you. Your om:gom is a physical and visual reminder to breathe, connect with your inner self,  relax, de-stress, meditate, practice mindfulness and more.



  • Relax Time - Lives for children/teenagers (and adults too!) can be complicated and challenging. There is so much more information out there which is being fed to us more consistently and so much more quickly.  For some it can lead to  information overload and that is one of the reasons why I am seeing more and more teenagers in my therapy practice for overwhelm, anxiety/stress/worry etc.   Set aside a specific time every or every other day to have Relax time.  Relax time is about breathing, relaxing, connecting with yourself,  calming down, de-stressing, using the breath to just be.   Use Relax Time to listen to guided relaxation recordings too.

  • Talking Time - having good communication with our parents/caregivers is essential. Practice sharing your thoughts, feelings, discuss a problem you may be facing, ask them for advice or help. Get into the habit and practice communication at Talking Time.  Having the om:gom is a wonderful physical and visual reminder to practice and get into the habit of having regular chats with the adults in your lives.

  • Energy Time - however young or old we may be we could all do with an energy burst from time to time to help us through the day. You may be tired from being at school, doing homework, having an emotionally tiring day, from stress/anxiety etc whatever the reason, use your om:gom as your reminder to give yourself an energy boost.  Have a good dance, jump around, sing, do yoga or do some energetic breathing.

  • Thinking/Contemplation/Quiet Time -  Perhaps you have an issue you are facing or something that is bothering you. Give yourself some time , even 5 minutes to sit with your om:gom If you have a problem, breathe calmly and slowly, focus on what the issue is and then think about what a solution could be. How will the problem be resolved? What can you do to fix it? Do you need help or can you fix it on your own? 


       Perhaps you could spend this time daydreaming! When we are younger we spend a lot of time      dreaming, as we get older that information overload takes over and our dreams fade. What will you dream about?  Or just sitting, in a chair, on the floor.. even that small act is a step to 'being' not 'doing'. Turn the phone/TV/social media off for 20 minutes.. you get the drift. Relax, find solutions, rest.

  • Make your om:gom tablet a special or sacred place. Add items with special meaning on during your meditation - crystals for example.

  • Intention.  Have the intention to use your tablet regularly. Build a strong habit of using your tablet to help you feel calmer/happier/more connected. Intend to get good at relaxation. Intend to breathe better. Intend to practice being rather than doing.


  • Keep your om:gom clean and uncluttered.


  • Use your affirmation cards. Choose one which feels right for you and focus on it.  Affirmations work best with repetition and are a fantastic way to start to reprogramme those unhelpful thoughts. Focus on an affirmation that feels right for you. Say it out loud or quietly to yourself, either works well.  When you say it, believe it.  If you say affirmations with belief they are more powerful & in my experience work much more quickly. You are programming helpful and positive statements into your brain. Negative statements tend to make us feel lousy, positive statements uplift us more. Practice. It's all good stuff :)

  •  Take your tablet away with you on holiday


  • Take your tablet in the garden, mediating/breathing/relaxing outside in nature is wonderful – especially if it’s not chucking it down!


  • Listen to guided meditation recordings whilst sitting with your tablet. If you find meditating yourself a little tricky either listen to the free recordings available on om:gom (coming soon) or you can find many others on apps/youtube.


  • If you are more spiritual you may like to practice Mantra’s/chanting – another wonderful meditative practice.  I love the following post on this site which offers more in depth information.


  • Set up a designated meditation space at home for you or the whole family. The om:gom tablet is designed to be portable. You can keep it in one designated place or move it about. Choose a place that feels comfortable and relaxing.



Ideas for parents supporting younger children

Please read the above information so we don't repeat ourselves too much, this will give you a good idea on how the om:gom can be used. Make it work for your family, if you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us at breathe@om-gom.com

Children of all ages will need support, younger ones will need supervision. Teenagers may need a gentle reminder every now again like the younger ones. Breathing well and relaxing are wonderful habits, regular practice is key.

  • Teach the younger ones the breathing techniques on this page. Make it fun, mix it up a bit. Additional techniques will be added regularly. The blog will have interesting articles, tips and vlogs too, so do come back  regularly.

  • Younger ones may like to have teddy's/favourite toys to join them at Relax Time.

  • Consider doing Relax Time before  bed, it's a great way to add breathing/meditation into the bed time routine.

  • Consider incorporating a weekly family meditation time, it need only be 5 minutes.

  • You may find it helpful to incorporate quiet/thinking time to your child instead of the naughty step or time out. When your child makes an association of calm/relaxation with the om:gom it can be really beneficial when they are experiencing more difficult emotions. Ask them to breathe deeply and focus on calming down. Tell them it's natural and ok to feel anger/frustration etc but to not let it stay inside too long. Breathing will help them to feel calmer and more in control (the good kind of control)

  • Children of all ages could benefit from guided relaxation recordings. Find one suitable for your child's age group.

  • Use the om:gom tablet to incorporate Talking Time into your family's routine, see above.  We use talking time with our 5 year old at least three times a week, it gives her a chance to talk about any worries on top of the daily chats we have. It also lets her feel heard, we all need to feel heard at times!

Find what works for you, this section will be updated regularly.

If you have any lovely ideas which we can add we’d love to hear from you:  breathe@om-gom.com