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​How to use your tablet


There are no right or wrong ways to use your om:gom tablet. Use it as a place of calm, relaxation, for some a place of sanctuary.  Go with whatever feels right – then you can’t go wrong.


A few ideas you might want to implement:


  • Burn some incense - some people love the smell and it helps them to relax. om:gom supplies you with a couple of sticks to get you going, have fun choosing your own favourites.

  • Make your om:gom tablet a special or sacred place. Add items with special meaning on during your mediation - crystals for example.


  • Keep your om:gom clean and uncluttered.


  • Use your affirmation cards. Choose one which feels right for you and focus on it.  Affirmations work best with repetition and are a fantastic way to start to reprogramme those unhelpful thoughts. At om:gom we are huge fans of the late Louise Hay, this wonderful article explains how powerful affirmations are.


  • You may feel drawn to some of the sacred geometry cards, Choose one, put it in the slot and focus on the image. You may want the image there but don’t want it as your main focus – whatever works for you.


  • Take your tablet away with you on holiday or on a work trip.. it’s compact design (about a 1/3 smaller than the size of a laptop) allows it to be moved easily and taken away on trips.


  • Take your tablet in the garden, mediating outside in nature is wonderful.


  • Listen to guided meditation recordings whilst sitting with your tablet. If you find meditating yourself a little tricky either listen to the free recordings available on om:gom or you can find many others on apps/youtube or Headspace is quite popular.


  • Practice Mantra’s/chanting – another wonderful meditative practice.  I love the following post on this site which offers more in depth information.


  • Intention.  Have the intention to use your tablet regularly. Build a strong habit of using your tablet to help you feel calmer/happier/more connected. Intend to get good at relaxation. Intend to breathe better. Intend to practice being rather than doing.


  • Problem solving: use your tablet to sit quietly and mull over a problem you are having. It can be easy to get stuck in our heads if we are stressed or anxious and  especially if we feel  there are deep emotions attached to an issue.  Sit quietly and simply ask out loud or in your head what the answer to your issue is. See what comes.


If you choose you can ask your guides, your divine connection, the divine Mother or the universe to help you with your problem.  Ask for help, offer up your problems.


  • Cry.  When you build the association that your tablet brings you sanctuary, calm, stillness, relaxation etc it offers a place of security, somewhere where you can feel safe. When you are upset and need a good cry ( for whatever reason) use your tablet as a space to help you release all of those emotions.  Releasing is very powerful, when you cry you release those uncomfortable feelings that you have been experiencing/holding onto – let them all out. Release and feel better.  Studies suggest that crying stimulates the production of endorphins, our body’s homemade painkiller and ‘feel good’ hormones. We found this great article on crying  here.


  • Put your tablet  anywhere that is visible in your work environment.  Having it on your desk, shelf or anywhere visible to you in your workspace is your visual reminder to breathe well and relax. You don’t have to close your eyes and mediate but you can practice breathing well and feel well anytime.



Let us know your  ideas about how to use your om:gom : breathe@om-gom.com