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Juniors Breathing Techniques


It is never too early to teach your child the importance and joy of conscious breathing.  As well as learning to relax and cope with difficult emotions, learning mindful breathing can also improve your child’s sense of self awareness, focus, concentration and self-control.


Elephant breathing technique

A great technique to help children get used to deep breathing in a fun way - good for energizing and waking up.


 Stand with your feet wide apart, bend over and have your arms swaying  in front of your body like an elephant’s trunk. As you breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose, lift your arms up right above your head. Then slowly swing your arms down again as you breathe out slowly through your mouth.

Repeat at least seven times.


(discuss: What is your elephant’s name? What do they like to eat? Where do they like to sleep?)



Smell the rose, blow out candle.

A wonderful technique to help children learn relaxing breathing and helps focus and concentration.

Imagine holding a rose in your right hand, imagine holding a candle in your left hand.

Take a deep, slow breath in pretending to sniff the flower and breathe out slowly pretending to blow out the candle.

Encourage the child to really smell that rose when breathing in, slowly and deeply and exhale completely, to completely blow the candle out.

Slow breaths in and slow breaths out are ideal.

Repeat at least seven times.


(other ideas.. hold a real flower and smell it deeply. Discuss what is your favourite flower? What colour candle would you like to be holding?)



Hissy snake

Breathe in deeply and slowly through the nose and then exhale slowly through the mouth whilst making a hissing sound like a snake. Prolonging the breath out will help to relax your child more deeply.



 Bumble Bee Breaths

A wonderful way to free the mind of agitation, frustration and anxiety.

Sit comfortably, with your back straight and your eyes closed. Place your index fingers in your ears. Breathe in deeply and slowly through the nose and when you breathe out make a gentle humming/buzzing sound

Keep your mouth closed on your out breath


Resonance occurring during the breath not only offers your kid a calming effect but can really help them focus too.

Repeat several times.

   (other ideas.. try breathing out other sounds such as ‘Zzzzzz’ or ‘Ohhhhh’ and ‘Shhhhh.’ Practice doing it with eyes open instead, how different does it feel? Practice without fingers  in your ears, how different does that feel? Which do you prefer?

Tummy breathing

A calm and relaxing breathing technique.

 Lie on the floor and place a small stuffed animal/soft toy on your stomach. Breathe in deeply  and gently though your nose and feel the soft toy rise, and then feel it lower as you slowly exhale through your mouth. Rock the soft toy to sleep using the rise and fall of your stomach.

Repeat several times.




Techniques for teenagers


Breathing for calm

This simple yet powerful technique is great to learn anytime and  especially good for teenagers who suffer from anxiety or are going through a particularly stressful time. It helps to calm the body and quieten the mind. 


Find a place to sit comfortably and still. Exhale all of the air out of your lungs. Then, count to four as you breathe in through your nose ( slowly and calmly). Hold that breath for five seconds, and then watch your  breath as you breathe out through the mouth for six seconds ( slowly and calmly). Repeat five  times. Just watch your breath, nothing else to think about, just keep on watching those breaths.

(note: find a rhythm that works for you, if it’s uncomfortable to hold for five seconds then try three instead.. make it work for you)



 Put your right hand on your stomach area. Concentrate on taking deep slow breaths.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.. deeply, slowly, calmly.

You can feel your stomach going in and out as you breathe.

count to yourself as you breathe in and out. Breathe in 1, 2, 3 breathe out 1, 2, 3, 4..



 Relax breathing

 Sit or lay down, get as comfortable as possible.

With each breath in think CALM with each breath out think RELAX.. keep on repeating these words in tune with your breathing.. long slow deep breaths in, long slow deep breaths out through your mouth.