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'Om' Meditation Tablet

The 'Om' Meditation Tablet is lovingly handmade by our good selves in our workshop in Bradford on Avon.  The tablet has an in-built channel to hold your incense stick (that’s if you choose to burn incense - if you do, we’ve included a few Fair Trade sticks in the box), and a card slot to hold the affirmation and sacred geometry cards, which are also supplied.


It's portable design allows you to find a peaceful place in the home, garden or when you are out and about, and provides a physical point of focus and visual reminder to practice relaxed breathing.


It's important to us that our business is as sustainable as possible. All of our wood is sustainable FSC Birch plywood and the lacquer we use is  a water-based lacquer.  Kinder to the environment, kinder to us.

Packaging is 100% recycled as are our leaflets and business cards.


The Tablet measures 290mm wide x 220mm high x 15mm thick - around a 1/3 smaller than a laptop.

It comes in a handy recycled cardboard case which you can use to keep, carry and protect your tablet when you're on the move.


Please note: Each tablet has a very slightly different colour and  wood grain  making each one individual. As such,  you will receive a tablet very similar but not identical to the tablet photographed.

    £50.00 Regular Price
    £40.00Sale Price